mercredi 18 décembre 2013

Playlist de la semaine - 18 décembre

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Badass Rock N Roll Anvil Hope in Hell mai 2013
Lo Adverso Arsenal Resistiendo 2006
Marching Over Blood Suicidal Angels Divide and Conquer 10 jan 2014
I Bomb New York Villainizer I Bomb New York 2011
City of Damnation Razor Executioner's Song 1985
Cross of Babylon Savage Messiah The Fateful Dark 10 mars 2014
Scars of Misery Degradead The Monster Within 13 sept 2013
Faceless Spies Mayan Antagonise 31 jan 2014
The Offering Doom's Day The Devil's Eyes 25 fév 2014
Legion Fear of Domination Legion 6 sept 2013
Sanctum Imperium Ewigheim Nachruf 6 déc 2013
The Great Leveler New Keepers of the Water Towers Cosmic Child mars 2013
Forced to the Ground Legions of War Forced to the Ground 20 déc 2013
The Afterlife Illusions Scarab Serpents of the Nile déc 2013
Symbol of Despair Posthumous Blasphemer TBA 2014
Usurper Bookakee Whorrific 13 déc 2013
Raptured to Divine Perversion Acheron Kult des Hasses 24 fév 2014
Tyrannicide Reciprocal New Order of the Ages 19 nov 2013
Prison de Marbre Mortifera Bleüu de morte 22 nov 2013
Nuit Qui Brille Comme Soleil Celestia Archaenae Perfectii, L' Arche Arcane des Parfaits 2010
Defenestration Song Have a Nice Life The Unnatural World 4 fév 2014

mercredi 11 décembre 2013

Playlist de la semaine - 11 déc

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Mob Is Back Adrenaline Mob Men of Honor 24 fév 2014
Bear Claw Tavern Scythia …Of Conquest 2014
Legs Danko Jones Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue 2012
Bruce Lee Indian Handcrafts Civil Disobedience For Losers 2012
Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon Legion of the Damned Ravenous Plague 3 jan 2014
The Lion's Roar Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us 14 fév 2014
Circle of Light The Eternal When the Circle of Light Begins to Fade 16 août 2013
Nidingsdåd Iskald Nedom og Nord 14 jan 2014
Rhetoric of No Indian From All Purity 17 jan 2014
Rising from the Abyss Tempel On The Steps of the Temple 21 jan 2014
S'Garette Multidimensionnelle Tribunal Zing 13 déc 2013
Sequax Hexis Abalam 11 jan 2014
Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel Behemoth The Satanist 3 fév 2014
Breaking the Great Narcissist Soreption Engineering the Void 18 fév 2014
AdraMelekTaus Alghazanth The Three-Faced Pilgrim 13 déc 2013
Fear Upon Them Sammath Godless Arrogance 3 fév 2014
Vers d'Anciennes Cités Magiques Ephemer Notre Honneur Immortel 9 déc 2013
In Subterranean Temples The Howling Void Nightfall 2 déc 2013
O, Elegiac purulent purtenance, O sepulchral longevous billows... Grieving Age Merely the Fleshless We and the Awed Obsequy 10 nov 2013

mercredi 4 décembre 2013

Playlist de la semaine - 4 déc

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Fight Evil with Evil Crystal Viper Possession 13 déc 2013
When Death Comes Knocking Primal Fear Delivering the Black 24 jan 2014
Thornz Benedictum Obey 29 nov 2013
One Minute Left to Live Royal Hunt A Life to Die For 3 déc 2013
Black Water Silent Voices Reveal the Change 29 nov 2013
Bäckakarlens Dans Irminsul Fäder 21 déc 2013
Underneath it All The Isolation Process The Isolation Process 12 déc 2013
Read Your Enemy Kayser Read Your Enemy 2014
The Magician Aether Realm The Magician (s) 27 nov 2013
C.M.E. Bölzer Aura EP 9 oct 2013
Saturation Pestilence Obsideo 11 nov 2013
Shatter their Bongs Cannabis Corpse Splatterhash 7 jan 2014
Morbid Shroud of Sickness Slaughterday FNightmare Vortex 6 déc 2013
Metamorphosis Deformatory In the Wake of Pestilence 6 déc 2013
En Paix avec Soi-Meme, en Guerre avec les Autres Anhkrehg Lands of War 2000
Dévorer le Temps Incandescence Abstractionnisme 28 nov 2013
Elegance and Sin Netherbird The Ferocious Tides of Fate 29 nov 2013
Mylder Kampfar Djevelmakt 27 jan 2014
Scrap Ornament Meditation Cult of Fire Ascetic Meditation of Death 30 nov 2013
Trümerwelt A Winter Lost Die längste Nacht 26 nov 2013
Soul Devourer Frostbite Through the Grave fév 2013