mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Playlist de la semaine - 26 octobre

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Aesthetics of Decay Steel Inferno Aesthetics of Decay 20 oct 2016
Act of Treason Grief of War Act of Treason 19 oct 2016
Stronghold Testament Brotherhood of the Snake 28 oct 2016
Prophecy The Astroplex The Chronicles of Azhul'Tar 26 sept 2016
Summer End Silence Hemispheres EP 21 oct 2016
Do or Die Violent Eve A Great Day 3 oct 2016
Sentenced to Death Dreamfall In Vain Resurrection 1er oct 2016
Wither Away End My Sorrow Of Ghostly Echoes 7 oct 2016
Wise Wise Man Atonismen Wise Wise Man EP 14 sept 2016
By Knife Take Over And Destroy Take Over And Destroy 7 oct 2016
Septic Embrace Thunder Monk The Swamp EP 13 oct 2016
Tundra Leech Darkthrone Arctic Thunder 14 oct 2016
Nocturne Endemise Anathema 28 oct 2016
Almighty Disfinite Godmode EP 20 sept 2016
Ascendit Ex Inferos Construct of Lethe The Grand Machination EP 7 oct 2016
Shrines of Paralysis Ulcerate Shrines of Paralysis 28 oct 2016
On Being a Slave Anaal Nathrakh The Whole of the Law 28 oct 2016
Heretical Balkanian Sabbathism Zvijer Heretical Balkanian Sabbathism (s) 31 août 2016
Enivré par des Vents Funestes Incandescence Les ténèbres murmurent mon nom 18 oct 2016
Le Poing de Njörd Stellarvore L'Orgueil des drapeaux et des flammes 17 oct 2016
Healing Afar Selfless 19 oct 2016

mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Playlist de la semaine - 19 octobre - Entrevue avec Fractal Cypher

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Breathe in the Water Kyng Breathe in the Water 7 oct 2016
Endless Circle Fractal Cypher The Human Paradox 7 sept 2016
Final Abode Fractal Cypher The Human Paradox 7 sept 2016
Idle Words Fractal Cypher The Human Paradox 7 sept 2016
Following the Voice Anciients Voice of the Void 14 oct 2016
The Submission Discipline Noctem Haeresis 30 sept 2016
Je Suis D'ailleurs Alcest Kodama 30 sept 2016
Heart In a Casket Terminus Sentient EP 29 sept 2016
100 days of Bloodbath Escarnium Interitus 23 sept 2016
In Limbus Horrendum Vermis Portals to Horrific Pandemonium 12 sept 2016
Lady Evil NordWitch Mørk profeti 30 sept 2016
Pale Maleficence Cwealm Odes to No Hereafter 27 sept 2016
Nun Molester Satanic Assault Division Crucifixed EP 9 sept 2016
Feast With the Rats Depravation Feast with the Rats EP 25 août 2016
La Dérape Existe Esprit sensible, monde fragile 28 juil 2016
Blood of Kings The Fërtility Cült A Forest of Kings 9 sept 2016

mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Playlist de la semaine - 5 octobre

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Lights Out Hosoi Bros Abuse Your Allusion III 23 sept 2016
Obsessed... With the Collapse of Civilization Excuse Goddess Injustice EP 30 sept 2016
Raising Hell Evil Invaders In for the Kill EP 30 sept 2016
Forged by Metal Seax Speed Metal Mania 28 sept 2016
Tinkerbell Must Die Darkness The Gasoline Solution 7 oct 2016
Metro Massacre Space Chaser Dead Sun Rising 7 oct 2016
Foolish Behavior Prowl Hell Breaks Loose EP 20 juin 2016
Faces in the Dark Desert Near the End Theater of War 7 oct 2016
My Name is Legion Mercyless Pathetic Divinity 7 oct 2016
The Wilde Flowers Opeth Sorceress 30 sept 2016
Sunrise Leeds Point Fahnestock Rock 23 sept 2016
Nostrum Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason 7 oct 2016
Souletons Beads Ritual Day Yamantaka Madness EP 1er sept 2016
Incoming Death Asphyx Incoming Death 30 sept 2016
Throne of Vengeance Bestir Awaken EP 1er sept 2016
Goddess The Noctambulant Advocatus Diaboli 26 août 2016
Back to the Land of the Dead Ancient Back to the Land of the Dead 16 sept 2016
Sepulchre Paul Ozz Tartarvs EP 15 juil 2016
Last Sunset Without Sun Balance Interruption Door 218 28 sept 2016
Death Worship Kosmokrator First Step Towards Supremacy EP 27 sept 2016
Révolte Sordide Fuir la lumière 5 oct 2016
La Nuit-Forêt Spirit of the Forest A Void into the Fields of Silence / La nature oubliée 5 oct 2016
Tree of Death Yeti On Horseback The Great Dying 30 sept 2016