mercredi 29 janvier 2014

Playlist de la semaine - 29 janvier

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
My Dying Time Black Label Society The Catacombs of the Black Vatican 8 avril 2014
Burning Heart Iron Savior Rise of the Hero 28 fév 2014
Delivering the Black Primal Fear Delivering the Black 24 jan 2014
This War Machine Turbo The Fifth Element 7 avril 2014
The Fear Within Hatriot Dawn of the New Centurian 21 fév 2014
Steroidhead Marty Friedman Inferno début 2014
The Escape Intervals A Voice Within 4 mars 2014
Death-Chain Lay Down Rotten Deathspell Catharsis 27 jan 2014
Mutation Your Last Wish Desolation 2012
Disenthralled; Into the Bulk Lascaille's Shroud Interval 02: Parallel Infinities; The Abscinded Universe 28 jan 2014
Catch What You Want Headexist Mind Energy 24 nov 2013
Apôtres du Vide Culte d'Ébola Apôtres du Vide 2007
The Ancients of Shattered Thrones Inferi The Path of Apotheosis 28 jan 2014
Panzerfaust Stam1na SLK 7 fév 2014
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer Behemoth The Satanist 3 fév 2013
Verdict of the Soul Erimha Reign Through Immortality juil 2013
The Sun Eater Lvcifyre Svn Eater 21 jan 2014
Shot in Mass Sammath Godless Arrogance 3 fév 2013
Mirrors of Flesh Descend Into Despair The Bearer of All Storms 28 jan 2014
A Rider in the Lands of an Infinite Dreamscape Spectral Lore III avril 2014

mercredi 22 janvier 2014

Playlist de la semaine - 22 janvier

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Proving Grounds Midnight Malice Proving Grounds 24 jan 2014
Heat Ray Metalian Wasteland 2009
Everybody's Fault but Mine Nashville Pussy Up the Dosage 21 jan 2014
Digital Resistance Slough Feg Digital Resistance 18 fév 2014
Path Thaurorod Anteinferno 20 déc 2013
In the Trenches Hell's Domain Hell's Domain 23 sept 2013
The Chamber Alcoholator Coma 2011
Suffer, Conquer Throwdown Intolerance 21 jan 2014
Face Your Fear Ektomorf Retribution 31 jan 2014
Token Discontentment Kekal Multilateral 1er août 2015
Zero: Misha Periphery Clear EP 28 jan 2014
Tuonen Tähtivyö Kuolemanlaakso Tulijoutsen 28 fév 2014
Praised by All the Entities Mass Infection For I Am Genocide 1er avril 2014
Swarm Norvegicus Kampfar Djevelmakt 27 jan 2014
Eidolon Noctem Exilium 3 mars 2014
Absolution is Near ScoX Absolution is Near 16 jan 2014
Notre Terre Chasse-Galerie Ars Moriendi 2010
Quand les Corbeaux Crient leur Haine Brume d'Automne Brume d'Automne 2012
7th Revelation, Beyond the Realm of the VVitch Integrity 7th Revelation, Beyond the Realm of the VVitch 13 jan 2014
Hanged Man Black Doom Cauldron of the Damned 21 déc 2012
Act II: Where the Descent Began Eye of Solitude Canto III 25 nov 2013
Consolamentum The Wounded Kings Consolamentum 24 fév 2014

mercredi 15 janvier 2014

Playlist de la semaine - 15 janvier

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Young, Wild and Free Rusted Rock Patrol avril 2013
I Will Not Break James Labrie I Will Not Break 6 jan 2014
Lady of the Wind Whispered Shogunate Macabre 7 fév 2014
Bloodshed and Steel Majesty Banners High 20 déc 2013
Son of Sodom Persuader The Fiction Maze 17 jan 2014
Bare Your Teeth Still Remains Ceasing to Breathe 17 déc 2013
Neo Seoul After The Burial Wolves Within 17 déc 2013
Profit Before Protocol Reciprocal New Order of the Ages 19 nov 2013
Titanomachy Ingested Revered By No One, Feared By All 16 déc 2013
Enlightened By the Darkness Within Evertrapped The Anomaly 2012
Engineering the Void Soreption Engineering the Void 18 fév 2014
Experience your Flesh Benighted Carnivore Sublime 14 fév 2014
Underworldly Iskald Nedom Og Nord 14 jan 2014
A Aj Al Safeeh Al-Namrood Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq 6 jan 2014
Acte 4: Par la Rivière de Styx Tourment Noir Entre l'Enfer et le Paradis EP 2008
Énigme Mêlée des Aurores Errances 2010
Directional Indian From All Purity 17 jan 2014
Immolabant Hexis Abalam 11 jan 2014
Mit welchen Fesseln Waldgeflüster Meine Fesseln 10 jan 2014

mercredi 8 janvier 2014

Playlist de la semaine - 8 janvier

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Mean Street Rider Skull Fist Chasing the Dream 10 jan 2014
Lich King V: Stalemate Lich King Lich King V: Stalemate (s) 24 déc 2013
In the Grave Suicidal Angels Divide and Conquer 10 jan 2014
Democide Iced Earth Plagues of Babylon 6 jan 2014
Errupting Skies DistortHead Errupting Skies août 2013
Mask of Fear Deathrow Six Bringer of Pain 2011
Destroyer Inferi The Path of Apotheosis 28 jan 2014
Doom Priest Legion of the Damned Ravenous Plague 3 jan 2014
Malato Terminale Cripple Bastards Nero in Metastasi 17 fév 2014
Satan is Time Hail Spirit Noir Oi Magoi 20 jan 2014
Hate & Deception Nausea Condemned to the System 7 jan 2014
Deathspell Catharsis Lay Down Rotten Deathspell Catharsis 27 jan 2014
Entering a New State Monument of Misanthropy Anger Mismanagement 2014
Crowned in Entrails Prostitute Disfigurement From Crotch to Crown 4 fév 2014
God Like Redemption Aurora Borealis Worldshapers 1 mars 2014
The Devil Swept the Ruins Nocturnal Breed Napalm Nights 11 mars 2014
Chasse-Galerie Mörb Le Théâtre de Satan 2 jan 2014
Perdu a Jamais Ziel Bevrijd Ziel Bevrijd 2011
Darkness Sustains the Silence Altar of Betelgeuze Darkness Sustains the Silence 1er jan 2014

Playlist de la semaine - 1er janvier - Revue 2013 Thorium

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Wild Racer Axxion Wild Racer juil 2013
Queen of the Damned Motörhead Aftershock oct 2013
Voices of the Dead Red Fang Whales and Leeches oct 2013
Corps Étranger Voivod Target Earth jan 2013
Left for Dead Death Angel The Dream Calls for Blood oct 2013
Dark Age Tunguska Mammoth Tunguska Mammoth oct 2013
Bathyalpelagic I: Impasses The Ocean Pelagial avril 2013
The Dark Horse Scale the Summit The Migration juin 2013
Surrender to Reason Dream Theater Dream Theater sept 2013
Milk Leg Intronaut Habitual Levitations mars 2013
Clarity Protest the Hero Volition oct 2013
Of Mind - Nocturne Tesseract Altered State mai 2013
Falling back to Earth Haken The Mountain sept 2013
Cemeteries Armagedon Thanatology oct 2013
Saturnian Satellites Spheron Ecstasy of God juil 2013
Plus les jours s'avancent Neige Eternelle Neige Eternelle avril 2013

Playlist de la semaine - 25 décembre - Spécial Noël

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Santa Claus is Coming to Town Coffin Fuck Santa Claus is Coming to Town (s) 5 déc 2013
No God, No Religion Sacred Steel The Bloodshed Summoning 16 fév 2013
Back in the Pit Reanimator Great Balls EP 13 fév 1013
Holiday in Hell Protector Reanimated Homunculus 11 sept 2013
Jesus Saves Slayer Reign in Blood 1986
Noel c'est pas un Cadeau Marionet-X Noel c'est pas un Cadeau (s) 18 déc 2013
Résistance Festive Mononc Serge et Anonymus Musique Barbare 2008
Black Xmas Venom Calm Before the Storm 7 nov 2013
Truth Untold Black Tusk Tend No Wounds 23 juil 2013
No Stars Over Bethlehem Protest the Hero Kezia 2005
Christploitation Fear Factory Mechanize 2010
Feliz Navidad Ill Nino & The Step Kings Feliz Navidad (s) 2008
Holiday Hate Psychostick The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride 2007
Agony James LaBrie Impermanent Resonance 29 juil 2013
No Presents for Christmas King Diamond The Dark Sides 1988
Christmas Eve, Sarajevo 12/24 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve and Other Stories 1996
Christmas with the Devil Spinal Tap Break like the Wind 1992
Twisted Sister A Twisted Christmas 2006