mercredi 30 mai 2018

Playlist de la semaine - 30 mai 2018

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Light Begins to Fade Espionage Digital Dystopia 1er juin 2018
Redemption The Loudest Silence Aesthetic Illusion 1er juin 2018
Beneath the Bridge Lost Domain the Waiting Room of Death 18 mai 2018
Genuflect The Flaying Genuflect (s) 25 mai 2018
Infinite Mindless Viscosity ...Something Bad 27 mai 2018
The Weakest Flesh Wombbath The Great Desolation 1er juin 2018
Decades of Torment Then Death Sadistik Forest Morbid Majesties 25 mai 2018
Morbid Ways To Die Supreme Carnage Morbid Ways To Die 25 mai 2018
The Pivotal Flame Burial in the Sky Creatio et Hominus 1er juin 2018
Bestowal of Decay Unflesh Savior 25 mai 2018
Tumults of Collective Anguishes Unbirth Fleshforged Columns of Deceit 1er juin 2018
Secrets Sold Möltar Chrysalis 14 mai 2018
Crimson Thirst Garroted Of Damnation and Abyssal Terrors EP 6 avril 2018
Arv The Konsortium Rogaland 1er juin 2018
Ecdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh Nocturnal Graves Titan 18 mai 2018
Karmaghoul Antisoph Antisoph 18 mai 2018
Through Infinite Horizons Sculpture To Another Place 5 mai 2018
Snakes & Vultures UADA Cult of a Dying Sun 25 mai 2018
Flamethrower Magister Dixit Their Blood, Their Sweat, Their Tears 25 avril 2018
La Griffe du Diable Monarque Légendes (split) 2014
Murmures Nocturnes Csejthe Légendes (split) 2014

samedi 26 mai 2018

Playlist de la semaine - 23 mai 2018

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
The Odyssey to Room 101 Quasarborn The Odyssey to Room 101 18 mai 2018
Outsider Vrylnia Outsider (s) 6 nov 2017
Submissive Mind Illusion Submissive (s) 24 jan 2018
Empty Souls BornBroken The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies 18 mai 2018
The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies BornBroken The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies 18 mai 2018
Skeletal Laughter Occult Burial Skeletal Laughter EP 15 mai 2018
Scorcher Nequient Wolves at the Door 18 mai 2018
Obese Legions; Fed to the Ravenous Wolves Blood of Christ Unrelenting Declivity of Anguish (Anthology IV) 18 mai 2018
À L'heure Du Crépuscule Abduction À L'heure Du Crépuscule 30 mars 2018
Souvenir de Lierre Abduction À L'heure Du Crépuscule 30 mars 2018
Council of Wolves and Snakes Dimmu Borgir Eonian 4 mai 2018
Beasts of the Earth Wallachia Monumental Heresy 13 avril 2018
The Winter Silence (Part I) Remete The Winter Silence EP 18 mai 2018
Ophidian Crucifix Panegyrist Hierurgy 18 mai 2018

mercredi 16 mai 2018

Playlist de la semaine - 16 mai 2018

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Evil vs Evil Crystal Tears Decadence Deluxe 18 mai 2018
Le Vent Tunguska Mammoth Breathless 11 mai 2018
Phénix Tunguska Mammoth Breathless 11 mai 2018
The Bee Amorphis Queen of Time 18 mai 2018
Carved Into Ice Frosttide Decedents EP 18 mai 2018
Steel Inquisition Valyria Into the Dying of Time 18 mai 2018
To Drink from the Night Itself At the Gates To Drink from the Night Itself 18 mai 2018
Pathetic Taste of Greed Irreversible 4 mai 2018
Dismal Fragments of Unbecoming Perdition Portal 18 mai 2018
Mission Freitot Freitot 11 mai 2018
Chaos Theory and Practice Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy 18 mai 2018
Where Temples are Older Than Trees Apocrophex Æternalis 18 mai 2018
Dick im Geschäft Goregonzola Dick im Geschäft
Source of Evil Feto in Fetus From Blessing to Violence 30 mars 2018
Harvester of Boredom Rotten Sound Suffer to Abuse EP 18 mai 2018
Nailed To The Cross Aborted Fetus The Ancient Spirits of Decay 11 mai 2018
Decimate Display of Decay Art in Mutilation 18 mai 2018
Quantum Mysticism Lecherous Nocturne Occultaclysmic 6 avril 2018
We are the End Skinned Shadow Syndicate 4 mai 2018
Sanity Away from Sanity Kekal Deeper Underground 15 mai 2018
Spring of Mirrors Aeviterne Sireless EP 4 mai 2018
Vorant Verberis Vorant Gnosis EP 18 mai 2018
Into the Unknown Wilt Ruin 18 mai 2018

mercredi 9 mai 2018

Playlist de la semaine - 9 mai 2018

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Journey's End Manacle No Fear to Persevere... 1er mai 2018
Welcome the Apocalypse Mission in Black Anthems of a Dying Breed 4 mai 2018
Farewell Angelus Apatrida Cabaret de la guillotine 4 mai 2018
An Ounce At a Time Jahgernaut Dark Time EP 6 avril 2018
Broken Burden of Grief Eye of the Storm 4 mai 2018
Abyss Above Me Zarraza Necroshiva 11 mai 2018
Vandal Concrete Age The Totem of the Great Snake Pt.II: Covenant 4 mai 2018
Mouth ov Ahriman Nekrokraft Servants 4 mai 2018
March to the End Bloodletter Under the Dark Mark 31 mars 2018
Troll Riding a Raptor Nordheim RapThor 24 nov 2017
Boobs and Bacon Nordheim RapThor 24 nov 2017
Death Vase Septic Tank Rotting Civilisation 13 avril 2018
Rise Above Blood Skullmace Rise Above Blood 7 juil 2017
Arcana Imperii Ihsahn Àmr 4 mai 2018
Feeding the Hunger Brood of Hatred Identity Disorder 4 mai 2018
Rid You of Your Flesh LIK Carnage 4 mai 2018
Locust Infestation Commander Fatalis (The Unbroken Circle) 13 avril 2018
Under the Curse of the Full Moon The Grotesquery The Lupine Anathema 6 avril 2018
Neutron Breed Quantum Hierarchy Neutron Breed EP 30 mars 2018
A Human Farm Advent of Bedlam Human Portal Phenomenon 4 mai 2018
Le Sang Impur Autokrator Hammer of the Heretics 10 avril 2018
La Porte du Chaos Borgne [∞] 30 mars 2018

mercredi 2 mai 2018

Playlist de la semaine - 2 mai 2018

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
On the Line Grand Delusion On the Line EP 30 mars 2018
Lahppon Olmmos (Noaide's ride to Saivo) Wykan Solace EP 13 avril 2018
Daisy Cutter Endless Yawn Speed Kills EP 9 fév 2018
Breathless Tunguska Mammoth Breathless 11 mai 2018
Like a Diesel Train Blüe Barrel Early Riser EP 9 mars 2018
Apathetic Whistle Fuel Eater Soberian Kinship 8 fév 2018
Residual Fluid Pale Bastard Pale Bastard 30 mars 2018
2016 Strauss Falena EP 2 mars 2018
Planet Indo Seven Serpents Garden of Eyes EP 2 fév 2018
Armour of Satan Dirty Pagans Volume 1 13 jan 2018
Aborte-se Monte Resina Aluado Bulimor 6 fév 2018
Moonbow Black Moth Anatomical Venus 2 mars 2018
Gaijing Hunter Chivo Waiting for So Long 9 mars 2018
I Tread On Your Grave The Death Wheelers I Tread On Your Grave 11 mai 2018
Heavy Hoof Eagle Twin The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn) 30 mars 2018
Earthquake Kaiser Earthquake (s) 11 fév 2018
Vex In Silence Rip VanRipper Pars Flaccida EP 5 fév 2018
Le troisième sceau Existe Un havre dans le chaos EP 17 ami 2017
Dopamine Existe Un havre dans le chaos EP 17 ami 2017
Melting Ocean Son of a Witch Melting Ocean (s) 20 déc 2017