samedi 17 mars 2012

Playlist de la semaine - 14 mars

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Under a Funeral Moon Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon 1993
Undaunted Adrenaline Mob Omertá 13 mars 2012
Chemistry Arrives Tribune Elder Lore/The Dark Arts 20 mars 2012
Flooding Light Oddland The Treachery of Senses 30 avril 2012
Rompre le Charme Castigare Regarder sans Voir 2008
Arise Sepultura Arise 20 mars 1991
Xenochrist The Faceless Planetary Duality 2008
Slaying the Prophets ov Isa Behemoth The Apostasy 2007
Darkness Prevails Neuraxis The Thin Line Between 2008
Vacant Planets Death Human 1991
Surrender Jeff Loomis Plains of Oblivion 9 avril 2012
On Sort De La Terre Les Damnés Les Damnés 2010
Alcoholic Antropophagus Bookakee Invasion Of The Depraved (EP) 2011
Deus Avertat Spawn Of Possession Incurso 13 mars 2012
Carved in the Wind Gorod A Perfect Absolution 12 mars 2012
Followed Home Then Killed Cannibal Corpse Torture 13 mars 2012
L'excommunication à Minuit Sigh In Somniphobia 12 mars 2012
Cold Call OSI Fire Make Thunder 27 mars 2012
The Formative Years Atheist Unquestionable Presence 1991
I'm Broken Pantera Far Beyond Driven 1994
Ninth Wave Indukti IDMEN 2009


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