mercredi 11 mars 2015

Playlist de la semaine - 11 mars

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Heart of Steel Manowar Kings of Metal 1988
La Dame en Bleu (Michel Louvain) Ta Mère Ta Mère EP 26 jan 2015
Incognito (Céline Dion) Ta Mère Ta Mère EP 26 jan 2015
May Death Be Your End Hazzerd Victimize the Innocent EP 5 mars 2015
I'd Rather Burn Aratic Secret Laws of Hell 13 mars 2015
The Charnel God Steel Bearing Hand Steel Bearing Hand 10 mars 2015
Speed of Death My Funeral Violence Academy 13 mars 2015
Summoning the Black Destruction Invincible Force Satan Rebellion Metal 10 mars 2015
Immersion Klone Here Comes the Sun 9 mars 2015
Femme Fatale Porta Nigra Kaiserschnitt 9 mars 2015
Cold Psycroptic Psycroptic 9 mars 2015
Crypts of Blood Dehuman Graveyard of Eden 9 mars 2015
Spells of Coming Forth By Day Scarab Serpents of the Nile 6 mars 2015
Iscariot Hollow Mordrake mai 2014
Nosce te Ipsum Thormesis Freier Wille - Freier Geist 14 mars 2015
Wars from Ashes Massemord Devil 7 mars 2015
Cradle Red Moon Architect Fall 6 mars 2015
Graveyard of Gods Within the Fall Where Sorrow Grows 14 mars 2015
Stream-Enterer Harrow The River EP 15 mars 2015

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