mercredi 21 octobre 2015

Playlist de la semaine - 14 octobre

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Hour of the Wolf We Found The Body Lithopedion 3 oct 2015
Murderers for Hire Indian Handcrafts Creeps 2 oct 2015
The Genesis Explosion Dead Brain Cells Universe 1989
Mass Grave Mass Grave Out of Respect for the Dead 16 oct 2015
It Comes From Darkness Calvario The Last Sunset 3 oct 2015
Fields of Strife Kataphrakt Kataphrakt EP 5 oct 2015
Conjuring Enormity Marasmus Conjuring Enormity 2 oct 2015
Neurons Subjected to Entropia Vulnus Vessels of Throe 10 oct 2015
Sever the Taste Forever Obscured Insufflation of Miscreation 19 sept 2015
Don't You Dare To Call Us Heavy Metal Beaten to Death Unplugged 9 oct 2015
Scion Ouroboros Emanations 6 oct 2015
Fallout Kaerulean Adrift 3 oct 2015
Smoldering Remains of the Sky Vile Insignia Bestial Invocation 2 oct 2015
Dematerialized Lurid Memory Dematerializing 18 sept 2015
Pandemonium 1.1 Deathcode Society Eschatonizer 25 sept 2015
Son of Hate Insane Devotion Infidel 6 oct 2015
To Transcend the Spine Chaos Moon Amissum EP 20 sept 2015
Dimt Lys Over Skrint Liv Gravsang La dine Taarer livet Begrave 30 sept 2015
Fleurs aux Fusils Neptrecus Frères de Sang 13 oct 2015
Tels des béliers Brume d'Automne Brume d'Automne 2012
Über den Bannstein Eïs Bannstein 2 oct 2015

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