mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Playlist de la semaine - 5 octobre

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Lights Out Hosoi Bros Abuse Your Allusion III 23 sept 2016
Obsessed... With the Collapse of Civilization Excuse Goddess Injustice EP 30 sept 2016
Raising Hell Evil Invaders In for the Kill EP 30 sept 2016
Forged by Metal Seax Speed Metal Mania 28 sept 2016
Tinkerbell Must Die Darkness The Gasoline Solution 7 oct 2016
Metro Massacre Space Chaser Dead Sun Rising 7 oct 2016
Foolish Behavior Prowl Hell Breaks Loose EP 20 juin 2016
Faces in the Dark Desert Near the End Theater of War 7 oct 2016
My Name is Legion Mercyless Pathetic Divinity 7 oct 2016
The Wilde Flowers Opeth Sorceress 30 sept 2016
Sunrise Leeds Point Fahnestock Rock 23 sept 2016
Nostrum Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason 7 oct 2016
Souletons Beads Ritual Day Yamantaka Madness EP 1er sept 2016
Incoming Death Asphyx Incoming Death 30 sept 2016
Throne of Vengeance Bestir Awaken EP 1er sept 2016
Goddess The Noctambulant Advocatus Diaboli 26 août 2016
Back to the Land of the Dead Ancient Back to the Land of the Dead 16 sept 2016
Sepulchre Paul Ozz Tartarvs EP 15 juil 2016
Last Sunset Without Sun Balance Interruption Door 218 28 sept 2016
Death Worship Kosmokrator First Step Towards Supremacy EP 27 sept 2016
Révolte Sordide Fuir la lumière 5 oct 2016
La Nuit-Forêt Spirit of the Forest A Void into the Fields of Silence / La nature oubliée 5 oct 2016
Tree of Death Yeti On Horseback The Great Dying 30 sept 2016

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