mercredi 31 mai 2017

Playlist de la semaine - 31 mai 2017

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Lamantino Hibagon Polyposmic 12 mai 2017
IV Démons Les Ékorchés IV Démons 2009
D'La Viande Cé Murs Les Ékorchés Les Ékorchés 2007
Burn Out Les Ékorchés Frères de Sang 2011
One Foot in the Grave Tankard One Foot in the Grave 2 juin 2017
Paradox of Hope Witheria Infinite Recollection 2 juin 2017
God's Design A Taste of Fear God's Design 26 mai 2017
Aftermath of a Tyrant Wrath of Belial Bloodstained Rebellion 26 mai 2017
Death Always Wins Dead Asylum Death Always Wins 2 juin 2017
Kill All Your Masters Vallenfyre Fear Those Who Fear Him 2 juin 2017
Echoes from the 7th Dimension Blood of Christ Echoes from the 7th Dimension (s) 5 mai 2017
The Watchmaker Apallic Of Fate and Sanity 2 juin 2017
End of an Age Canvas Black Destructive Herd Mentality 26 mai 2017
Origine Prima Anamnesi La proiezione del fuoco 31 mai 2017
VI Au-Dessus End of Chapter 19 mai 2017
The Alpha of the Antichrist Ofermod Sol Nox 29 mai 2017
For the Putridity of Man Suffering Hour In Passing Ascension 26 mai 2017
Paradox Satanarchist First Against the Wall 2 juin 2017
Insania Devourer Across the Empty Plains 25 mai 2017
Kill the God in Your Heart Massemord Play Your Song...One Last Time 1er juin 2017
On the Wrong Side of the Wire God Dethroned The World Ablaze 5 mai 2017

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