mercredi 25 octobre 2017

Playlist de la semaine - 25 oct 2017

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
The Pale King Vanish The Insanity Abstract 29 sep 2017
Summon the Dead Night Viper Exterminator 20 oct 2017
Restless Oz Transition State 20 oct 2017
Satan Arise Goatmaster The Ones God Left Behind EP 7 oct 2017
Sacrifice Masters of Disguise Alpha / Omega 20 oct 2017
Cosmic Conqueror Dr. Living Dead! Cosmic Conqueror 27 oct 2017
Nuclear Holocaust Can of Worms Nuclear Thrasher 25 oct 2017
Cabeza de León Arsenal El precio de la libertad 23 oct 2017
In Bastards We Trust Kaustik In Bastards We Trust 13 oct 2017
Blood Soaked Restart Monster Blood-Soaked Restart 20 oct 2017
Poor Man's Eulogy Confined to oblivion The Cycle EP 2016
Urn (Part I) - And Within the Void We Are Breathles Ne Obliviscaris Urn 27 oct 2017
Hostage Animal All Pigs Must Die Hostage Animal 27 oct 2017
Desecration The Dyatlov Discovery Desecration 27 oct 2017
After Illusion The Unconscious Mind Where Philosophers Fall 2012
From Darkness Reigns Omnipotence Pyrolatrous Teneral 20 oct 2017
La Gueule du Diable Blanc Sanctuaire Feu sacré 23 oct 2017
La Lutte et l'Harmonie Cepheide Saudade 1er oct 2017
Hearthfire Hanging Garden I Am Become 27 oct 2017
Palisades Black Sails For Red Seas Wave​:​II EP 7 avril 2017
Children of the Eye Amenra Mass VI 20 oct 2017
Carne Noir Ophis The Dismal Circle 20 oct 2017

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