mercredi 16 mai 2018

Playlist de la semaine - 16 mai 2018

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Evil vs Evil Crystal Tears Decadence Deluxe 18 mai 2018
Le Vent Tunguska Mammoth Breathless 11 mai 2018
Phénix Tunguska Mammoth Breathless 11 mai 2018
The Bee Amorphis Queen of Time 18 mai 2018
Carved Into Ice Frosttide Decedents EP 18 mai 2018
Steel Inquisition Valyria Into the Dying of Time 18 mai 2018
To Drink from the Night Itself At the Gates To Drink from the Night Itself 18 mai 2018
Pathetic Taste of Greed Irreversible 4 mai 2018
Dismal Fragments of Unbecoming Perdition Portal 18 mai 2018
Mission Freitot Freitot 11 mai 2018
Chaos Theory and Practice Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy 18 mai 2018
Where Temples are Older Than Trees Apocrophex Æternalis 18 mai 2018
Dick im Geschäft Goregonzola Dick im Geschäft
Source of Evil Feto in Fetus From Blessing to Violence 30 mars 2018
Harvester of Boredom Rotten Sound Suffer to Abuse EP 18 mai 2018
Nailed To The Cross Aborted Fetus The Ancient Spirits of Decay 11 mai 2018
Decimate Display of Decay Art in Mutilation 18 mai 2018
Quantum Mysticism Lecherous Nocturne Occultaclysmic 6 avril 2018
We are the End Skinned Shadow Syndicate 4 mai 2018
Sanity Away from Sanity Kekal Deeper Underground 15 mai 2018
Spring of Mirrors Aeviterne Sireless EP 4 mai 2018
Vorant Verberis Vorant Gnosis EP 18 mai 2018
Into the Unknown Wilt Ruin 18 mai 2018

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