mercredi 1 avril 2015

Playlist de la semaine - 1er avril

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
The Bars Prong Songs from the Black Hole 25 mars 2015
Hawks Will Fly Majesty Generation Steel 20 mars 2015
Run with the Wolf Drakkar Run with the Wolf 16 mars 2015
Savage Requiem Magic Kingdom Savage Requiem 20 mars 2015
Finding Requiem Damnation Angels The Valiant Fire 27 mars 2015
The Dark Tower of the Sorcerer Sorcerer In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross 24 mars 2015
At the Expense of Humanity Judicator At the Expense of Humanity 28 mars 2015
Sentiment Loch Vostok From These Waters 27 mars 2015
Winter Woede Heidevolk Velua 20 mars 2015
At The Heels of Giants No Man's Throne Revealed in Ruin 27 jan 2015
Snakestate Morgoth Ungod 30 mars 2015
Diluvial Ascension - Gateway to the Antisphere Sulphur Aeon Gateway to the Antisphere 3 avril 2015
Parasignosis Mitochondrion Parasignosis 2011
Kult-Aid (with vitamin Cyanide) Strange Broue Kult-Aid EP 9 fév 2015
Temple Ufomammut Ecate 30 mars 2015
Le Temps nous Guette Ordoxe May Death Be My Shepherd 21 mars 2015
Katharsis Eos L'avalé 27 mars 2015
V - Umbras de Barbagia Downfall of Nur Umbras de Barbagia 21 mars 2015

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