jeudi 9 avril 2015

Playlist de la semaine - 8 avril

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Shower Thrashing Death Killer Refrigerator The Fridge and the Power It Holds 7 avril 2015
Heart Of Amsterdam (Storm Version) The Gentle Storm The Diary 20 mars 2015
Life Without You The Poodles Devil In the Details 24 mars 2015
Ethereal Blindness Rise Of Avernus L'Appel du Vide 2013
Submission Falls No Return Fearless Walk to Rise 30 mars 2015
Wolves in thy Pantheon Infected Chaos The Wake of Ares 27 mars 2015
The Watcher Deadspawn The Source of Chaos EP 28 mars 2015
Scriptures of Death and Destruction Mutation Consumed by Madness EP 29 mars 2015
The Betrayer of Time Irreversible Mechanism Infinite Fields 31 mars 2015
Dark Matter Wrathage Discipline 30 mars 2015
Alice au pays des pendu(le)s Sanguine Glacialis Dancing with a Hanged Man 2012
Scum Fuck Blues Dopethrone Hochelaga 13 avril 2015
Scorn of Eternity Paean Scorn of Eternity 3 avril 2015
The Last of Our Kind Vallenfyre The Last of Our Kind (s) 27 mars 2015
Requiem for the Absurd Apophys Prime Incursion 1er avril 2015
Crossing the Bridge of Siraat Oshiego Crossing the Bridge of Siraat 7 avril 2015
Upon Serpents They Prey Fragile Existence Cataclysms And Beginnings 19 mai 2015
Into The Nexus Imperialist Quantum Annexation 4 avril 2015
Knives in the Senate House Phobocosm Deprived sept 2014
Laudes - Credo II Délétère Les heures de la peste 7 avril 2015
The Earth Melts Into Red Gashes Like The Mouths Of Whales Pyramids A northern Meadow 17 mars 2015
Forms Become Vapour Malthusian Below the Hengiform 6 avril 2015

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