jeudi 12 novembre 2015

Playlist de la semaine - 11 nov

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Path of Victory Nightfear Drums of War 12 nov 2015
Back to the River We Hunt Buffalo Living Ghosts 25 sept 2015
Sea Wolf Archarus Render unto Archarus 9 nov 2015
Chains of Misfortune Dark Symphonica Immersion 4 nov 2015
Dark Waters Synkvervet Forgotten Memories EP 2 nov 2015
Chemical weapon Crusted Trust Holy Guidance EP 7 nov 2015
Séquences Obscure OVIF Démence 2014
Hold Your Ground Vingulmork Chiaroscuro 13 nov 2015
Daily Struggle Extirpation Wings of Decadence 1er nov 2015
The Direction of Last Things Intronaut The Direction of Last Things 13 nov 2015
Hour of the Wolf We Found The Body Lithopedion EP 3 oct 2015
Crisis Open The Nile The Efflorescence of Creation EP 7 nov 2015
Leviathan, All-Devouring Atonement Atonement 2013
Sum of All Failures Horrendous Anareta 27 oct 2015
Waiting for the Screams Autopsy Skull Grinder EP 27 nov 2015
The Ghoul Corrosive Carcass Forsaken Lands 10 nov 2015
Raping the Earth Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Noise Terror 6 nov 2015
Profanum Kampfar Profan 13 nov 2015
Interpreting Signs for War: Aruspicine Hegemon The Hierarch 13 nov 2015
Waves I Horadrim The Waves EP 8 nov 2015
Alshinecheri Slægt Beautiful and Damned EP 2 nov 2015
Chasseresse Csejthe Réminiscence 2013

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