mercredi 25 novembre 2015

Playlist de la semaine - 25 nov

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Return of the Kolomon Steak Number Eight Kosmokoma 20 nov 2015
Railroad to Insanity Eternal Thirst Metalheads to the Grave 28 nov 2015
Too Late Striker Stand in the Fire 5 fév 2016
Lines Crossed Lives Lost HateSphere New Hell 20 nov 2015
Treason Glacier Eater Glacier Eater 23 nov 2015
Metal Heritage Dangerous Metal Heritage 24 nov 2015
Raging Chaos Nahum And the Chaos Has Begun 1er nov 2015
A Fucktonne of Hate Wretch Tirades 13 nov 2015
Reborn from the Ashes Körgull the Exterminator Reborn from the Ashes 27 nov 2015
Desire Flames Shatter Silence Shatter Silence 25 nov 2015
Atomvinternatt Sanity Assassin A Function of the Human Condition 13 nov 2015
Twelve Step Circle Serotonin Syndrome Sarajas 20 nov 2015
An Atomic Decision Pronostic An Atomic Decision 21 nov 2015
Rotten Servants Chamber Daemon Foetal Harvest Beasts of Tribulation 22 nov 2015
A Stranded Figure Painted Pus Vermingod Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom 23 nov 2015
Akroasis Obscura Akroasis 5 fév 2016
Axis Mundi Casket Soil In the Gardens of Vermin 20 nov 2015
Ifrit Abhorrent Intransigence 20 nov 2015
And When The Sky Was Opened Serocs And When The Sky Was Opened 27 nov 2015
Eaters of Light Moridigan Deadborn Nemesis 20 nov 2015
Entering Timeless Halls (Malign) Gevurah Necheshirion EP 2013
Plus les jours s'avancent Neige Eternelle Neige Eternelle 2013
Étoile Noire Svalbard The Fall 2013
The Place Where You Died Enisum Arpitanian Lands 15 nov 2015

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