mercredi 14 septembre 2016

Playlist de la semaine - 14 septembre

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
Among the Dead Iron Fire Among the Dead 16 sept 2016
Warhead Slow Kill System Demonized EP 26 août 2016
Paranoico Darmage El gran titán 9 sept 2016
Basurero Humano Morthífera Basurero Humano 8 sept 2016
Dogmas My Regime Dogmas 26 août 2016
Evelyn's Awakening Nukem The Unholy Trinity 16 sept 2016
Axecution Guaranteed Gatekrashör Revenge at Midnight EP 17 sept 2016
Barren Grounds Altar of Oblivion Barren Grounds EP 9 sept 2016
The Great Refusal (Ignavus) In Aevum Agere Fugit In Solitudine EP 7 sept 2016
The Bitter End Hex A.D. The Last Nail in the Coffin Lid 11 sept 2016
Main de gloire Cauchemar Chapelle Ardente 3 juin 2016
The Human Condition The Dyatlov Discovery The Human Condition 9 sept 2016
Perpetuate the Lie Johansson and Speckmann Edge of the Abyss 16 sept 2016
Ismael Theropoda Psychonautic Chaos 16 sept 2016
Judgement, The Hammer Warfather The Grey Eminence 16 sept 2016
Machines Against Flesh Cremosity Witness of Human Brutality 1 sept 2016
Calling from a Dream Inanimate Existence Calling from a dream 16 sept 2016
In the Eye of the Storm Hannes Grossmann The Crypts of Sleep 2 sept 2016
Obscuring the Seventh Sun Infecting the Swarm Abyss 9 sept 2016
Stoned Magrib Rajasinga III 31 août 2016
J'aimerais ça être un Ch'val Les Ailes de la Mort Complaintes d'un Trou de Cul EP 12 sept 2016
Méditation Within Anguish Within Anguish EP 7 sept 2016
Act I - Denial I am the Crown On Death and Dying 1 sept 2016

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