mercredi 7 septembre 2016

Playlist de la semaine - 7 septembre

MorceauArtisteAlbum Date
The Whip Nothing Nothing EP 2 sept 2016
Brotherhood of the Snake Testament Brotherhood of the Snake 28 oct 2016
The Final Sign Wyruz Judge and Jury 5 sept 2016
Symphony of the Ego Destrage A Means to No End 21 oct 2016
Artificial Evolution Overcliff Depiction of Intimacy 4 sept 2016
As Resonance Colosso Obnoxious 9 sept 2016
Stormbending Devin Townsend Project Transcendence 9 sept 2016
Asphodel Meadows Part 1 - Deception Mezzanine Floor Architecture of Aeons 4 sept 2016
Harvest Death Metal Pope Harvest 5 sept 2016
Smells Like Thunder Hooch Tomb Grooves EP 27 août 2016
Tank Mammoth Big Durty Big Durty 27 août 2016
Dark Matter Greybeard Session 1 - Gaze into the Empty EP 5 sept 2016
Into the Sky Upper Echelon A Perfect World EP 1er sept 2016
Zielenstrijd Fenris ...en doodenakkers tot den horizon 1er sept 2016
Rise of the Godking Hymir Godking 1er sept 2016
Ode to Apostasy Ilemauzar The Ascension 1er sept 2016
Immoraux Immortels Endless Horizon Cycle funèbre 1er sept 2016
Evangelium Part II - The Revelation Frozen Gate Behind the Dark Ice 3 sept 2016
Blood Libation Astrophobos Enthroned in Flesh EP 26 août 2016
Through Scars and Burning Smiles Endlife Lost in Blinding Lights 26 août 2016
Par Delà le Feu Ostium In Nomine Mentis 2 sept 2016
A New Direction of Life Path11 A New Direction of Life 20 août 2016

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